Stephanye T. Loftin
English Educator

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Stephanye T. Loftin - Biography

Welcome! Browse through the professional experience and accomplishments of Stephanye Loftin, an English teacher at Charles Herbert Flowers High School in Prince George’s County, one who believes that ---

“A teacher affects eternity; [she] can never tell where [her] influence stops.”
~ Henry Adams ~

With 40 years of educational experience in a variety of settings --- from The English and Education Departments at North Carolina Central University; to the Office of Career Planning and Placement at Bowie State University; to teaching in junior high/middle school, high school, Upward Bound, and GED programs from Baltimore City to Prince George’s County --- her scope is far-reaching.

Encouraging self-discovery and self-responsibility for learning, she cultivates a structured, student-centered environment that is conducive to nurturing students’ self-esteem, motivation, character, and citizenship.  Ms. Loftin is a teacher who  ---


Sets high expectations and accepts no excuses


Understands how to maintain student interest


Is attentive to students’ needs for order and discipline


Respects individual, cultural, religious, and racial differences


Enhances education through technology


Adjusts her teaching style and methodology as is appropriate


With activities that challenge each student to expand the domain of her/his learning experience, Ms. Loftin has also prompted the discovery and enhancement of knowledge outside the classroom via --


School wide multi-cultural assemblies


Desktop publications


Research-gathering library field trips


Literary appreciation field trips to The New Amsterdam Theatre, Arena Stage, and Ford's Theatre


In Baltimore City, where she taught for 27 years, Ms. Loftin was recognized by WBFF/WNUV as a Champion of Courage --- once at Thurgood Marshall Middle School and twice at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.  At Northeast Middle School, WBAL twice saluted her as a Class Act teacher.  The faculty at Northeast also elected her as Teacher of the Year. 


Ms. Loftin was born in Kinston, North Carolina, graduated from Adkin Senior High School, and has expanded the span of her readiness with undergraduate and graduate studies at North Carolina Central University, Bowie State University, St. John’s College in Annapolis, and Goucher College in Towson. 


Fearless in her plight to educate children, Ms. Loftin strives to exemplify the virtues and values we seek to inspire in children.  There is no one way but whatever way.

“We want our children trained as intelligent human beings should be . . .

They have a right to know, to think, to aspire.”
~ W.E.B. DuBois ~

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